Killyliss Country House formally recognised in “Irish Ancestry Seekers” category

Killyliss Country House has been formally recognised by Bord Fáilte and B&B Ireland in the “Irish Ancestry Seekers” categorisation. The B&B Categorisation or specialisation scheme is an initiative to help consumers more effectively choose the best accommodation to match their travel plans.

Joy Harron of B&B Ireland says it best:

Consider Irish Ancestry Seeker B&Bs a cosy, repository of local information where you get an amazing night’s sleep, a breakfast of epic proportions and the help that sets you on your way to finding that gaggle of cousins you’ve been after for years. Hosts at Irish Ancestry Seeker B&Bs are brimming with local history as well being clued in to local archives, where to source church records and what museums or heritage sights might further your ancestral enquiries.

Learn more about how Killyliss Country House supports genealogical research in this website’s “Irish Ancestry” news category. The following video explains the Irish Ancestry Seekers in detail.


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