Pauline Cully of Killyliss Country House at the forefront of Irish ancestral research

Genealogy is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history. Pauline Cully of four-star luxury Bed & Breakfast, Killyliss Country House of County Monaghan, dedicates her spare time to the field of Irish ancestry. Guests interested in their lineage, are pleasantly surprised at Pauline’s knowledge and assistance within this niche field.

A very recent guest, Lynn of Niceville, Florida, described her recent successful genealogical endeavours thanks to Pauline Cully:

“Our reason for the visit was to hunt for clues to fill in the family tree. Months of planning could not have landed us in a better location. Pauline’s knowledge of the surrounding area and her contacts in the community led us to information that would have taken us weeks to discover. Her enthusiasm and help made the visit a genealogy success.”

A similar testament to Pauline’s endeavours is to be found in second TripAdvisor review by Patrick from Knutsford, UK:

“We intended to do some research on our Irish ancestry but our laptop packed up. Pauline came to our rescue and achieved more results in an hour than we could have in a week!”

Contact Pauline via this website if you’d like to inform her of your interest in your genealogy prior to your stay.


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